Wholesale nbn ™


Access Circuit Products

Wireline's wholesale nbn ™ solution permits RSPs to connect directly to the nbn at layer 2 without the cost and complexity of a traditional direct engagement. These Access Virtual Circuit (AVC) products are available:

AVC / OVCDescription
business nbn ™ Enterprise Ethernet12 Mbps - 4 Gbps
nbn ™ TC4 and TC2 Ethernet12/1 Mbps - Home Ultrafast

Residential nbn and Business nbn with enhanced SLA (eSLA) is available. The nbn Satellite service is not available.

Connectivity Circuit Products

Wireline's wholesale nbn solution deliver AVCs over the following innovative connectivity virtual circuit (CVC) products:

V-CVCWireline offers an innovative virtual CVC model where a dedicated private CVC is provisioned per POI for each RSP and this is delivered layer-2 to the RSP on either on a state or national aggregated interconnect
V-NNIWireline participates in the nbn V-NNI model by permitting RSPs to leverage our NNI infrastructure and back-haul

We support both bundled and basic CVCs over our connectivity circuit products. These are all available for Ethernet layer-2 hand-off at the following locations (other locations are available on application):

Edge-IXVLL anywhere supported
IX-AUVLL anywhere supported
MegaportVLL anywhere supported
NSWGlobal Switch and Equinix SY-X
QLDNextDC B1 and B2
VICNextDC M1 and Equinix M1
WANextDC P1 and P2


Automated API for RSPs

Wireline exposes a simple OpenAPI based HTTP REST interface to allow RSPs to easily quote, qualify, order and manage services, perform service assurance functions and more in real time. A SOAP/XML API is also available with the same functionality.

We also offer the same functionality using our intuitive web-based service portal.

Artificial Intelligence

Wireline uses artificial intelligence to automate its service assurance functions which delivers timely, quality service when attending to and resolving service faults. This sophisticated in-house technology is backed by our NOC located in Australia.

Layer-7 QoS and Network Intelligence

Wireline's optional Layer-7 network intelligence platform provides real-time and historical reporting and control of traffic using deep packet inspection technology upon protocol classes such as VoIP, Microsoft 365 or Netflix right down to the individual AVC level.

This provides insight revealing usage profiles, network trends and extends service assurance capabilities. Front of house call resolution is greatly enhanced when your staff can see that an end user has 95% of their AVC link capacity being consumed by YouTube and Peer to Peer file sharing.

An example historical report is as follows: